Tai Chi For You Classes in Kent
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Tai Chi For You offer classes, pre school workshops, corporate and school sessions even Hen party bookings. Accessible for anyone, all ages and levels of fitness, classes in Ashford, Hamstreet & Appledore Kent.

The Tai Chi For Health forms we teach have been adapted by Dr Paul Lam working with Tai Chi and Medical experts. The exercises are aimed at improving health whilst being low impact upon your body. These are easy to learn and avoid low stances, high impact moves and uses gentle postures that make it suitable for all. The controlled breathing has been found to help lower blood pressure, while the gentle flowing movements are great for improving muscle strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination

There are different styles of Tai Chi Chaun each with different moves but all provide health benefits. Dr Paul Lam's has adopted moves from Sun and Yang styles to form his Tai Chi For Health programs*.

Our classes and workshops provide an opportunity to learn this gentle form of exercise whilst standing or being seated. For those who feel they would prefer to sit or are unable to stand, I can help you to learn a set of smooth movements designed for this. The forms we practice are approved by Arthritis Care UK and Diabetes Uk and are tested to help improve strength, co-ordination, fall prevention and help reduce arthritis pain.

You do not need to take my word for it there are plenty of studies and research to suggest Tai Chi can help fall prevention by improving stability, mobility, balance and co-ordination, it can also help fatigue, can help you learn to relax under pressure, cope with strains of everyday life and any other health problems where gentle movement, strengthening of muscles and an uplifting feeling are benefited. I have included details of some recent research on the website. Whether you are looking for prevention or cure of health conditions the Tai Chi journey is one where you learn external movements that increase blood circulation and internal breathing and focus that helps your life energy flow freely.

I hope as well as feeling the health benefits of Tai Chi, you will find enjoyment in the exercise too.

On my Tai Chi journey I also discovered a teacher, Master Joe Lok in Hong Kong who has spent his life learning martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine.  He has combined his knowledge and created his own system and I was honoured a year ago to have become one of his 3 original students in the UK.  I personally have found my Tai Chi and its health benefits have continued to improve from learning with Joe

Master Joe Wai Man Lok is creator of a Chinese exercise system, travelling the world promoting his Tai Chi Qigong energy system “Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing” - exercises to circulate internal energy and promote holistic health for body and mind. He is an inspirational speaker and high level martial arts teacher/practitioner.  His “youtube” following is extensive.  He has examined the intrinsic relationship between the practice of Tai Chi, Qigong and internal cultivation methods, Neidan.

How it Works

  • Seeks to balance mind, body & spirit (emotions)
  • Combines meditation & movement
  • Exercises all major joints & muscles
  • Provides low impact exercise
  • Improves balance, coordination & flexibility
  • Tai Chi For Health is accessible for anyone