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Emma Cooke

I am honoured to have been chosen to become an in door student for my Sifu Master Joe Wai Man Lok of Hong Kong, Natural Energy Academy  www.joelok.com It is not based on ability alone but on character.

I was a secondary school teacher for many years and had to leave work due to difficulties with my multiple sclerosis. I wanted a form of exercise that was safe and easy to learn but low impact, would tone muscle, and improve my balance. It has succeeded!

I teach both Master Joe Lok's work alongside Dr Paul Lam's Tai Chi For Health programs http://www.taichiforhealthinstitute.org/. The classes are a mixture of Tai Chi & Qigong styles that compliment each other.  

Qualifications - Energy Daogong Inheritor:

  •  2nd Generation of Natural Energy Daogong

  • 28th Generation of Wudung Sanfeng Natural

  • 20th Generation of Dragon Gate

PGCE in Secondary Education, Tai Chi Instructor for Natural Energy Affiliation, Tai Chi For Health Instructor acreditation, Reiki 1.