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Online Classes -

We offer Tai Chi sessions specifically taylored for online clients which have the benefit of not being restricted by location or social distancing, needing to travel, gives illusion of 1:1 teaching and ability to see only the teacher, adjust volume of the teacher and later pause them, as long as you have access to the internet.  A recording is provided afterwards, this provides the opportunity to rewatch or watch at your convenience If you are unable to join the live session.

Tai Chi can be undertaken by everyone, of all levels of fitness and regardless of age. It is easy to learn, and can be performed standing or seated  in your own home or place of work. Tai Chi has been shown to improve health, mental wellbeing, increase energy and releave stress.

Corporate Clients - Looking to reduce absence or for something different for a corporate event, staff development, health and wellbeing days, to improve your staff mental wellbeing.   Tai Chi represents an activity that will be different from the norm and make such a session unique with a focus of your choice

A healthier less stressed worker is more productive, and one with better work/life balance is a greater asset to the employer. Long term mental and physical health of people in the workplace is directly related to the business bottom line. Studies have shown that wellness programs in the workplace profited the employer.  It can be a non-competitive, non-judgmental and an enjoyable activity that an individual can do by oneself as well as a team together. It is very different from most things we do daily so it is refreshing. It enhances the individual or team’s productivity as well as each member’s personal growth by learning to manage stress. In the workplace it can be a 5 minute routine, then expand to 15 and 30 minutes each one builds upon the last and all include warm up and cool down exercises. Learning Tai Chi together helps relationships, learning to listen to themselves and hence increases team building and confidence.

Total diversity of Tai Chi is it is accessible to all; any age, sex, religion, level of fitness, seated or standing hence improving a person’s self-esteem by working within their limits with gentle exercise. At any time and any place, no equipment or special clothing necessary which means it can be taught onsite in the workplace and can be practiced easily after the sessions.    It is easy to learn so does not take up too much work time but can pay dividends on reducing absence. Tai Chi principles can be applied when working, in a meeting or dealing with a difficult person or situation. The essential principles include mind and body integration, controlled breathing and mental concentration.

Tai Chi at work trains you to be aware of your posture and body alignment, which can mean less backache, pain and stiffness. Our posture determines everything not only physically but the alignment of the company, your team, how you move in the market place which in turn creates credibility. To encourage staff to slow down, focus on their breathing think about their posture and be mindful of the situation. This can have the practical advantage of making staff more efficient at problem solving, happier and even more creative.

Tai Chi training provides an inexpensive, positive and very effective programme for combatting and overcoming the symptoms of stress which tend to be prevalent in pressurised work environments. The activities can reduce Stress by encouraging relaxation and breathing techniques. By taking a moment to be aware and freeing your breath, when tense we tend to hold our breath and inevitably hold the tension in whereas following a set of exercises which make you follow breathing techniques will avoid tense muscle. 

Promote feeling of well-being and aid medical conditions, it has been medically proven to help stress, back pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, fall prevention, blood pressure and can improve sleep. The movements increase circulation, strengthen muscles, flexibility helping to improve health & fitness and can increase natural endorphins. Introduction to co-ordinated exercises helps co-ordination and mobilising and gently stretching all the joints, ligaments & muscles in the body which strengthen and help prevent overuse injuries. Enhance concentration, focus and increased mental agility as the moves require a calm mind

Our Clients:

Companies, whose workforce have benefited from tai chi practise, provided by Tai Chi For You Ltd, include

Ashford Age UK Day Care Centre http://www.ageuk.org.uk/ashford/our-services/the-eldercare-centre/

 Parkinsons UK logo      Seated classes in Ashford, Kent

Well-Being lunch time sessions

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce - www.kentinvictachamber.co.uk

"Emma's classes during our Fit in Feb initiative has been a fantastic introduction to Tai Chi for our staff. Everybody benefited from the instruction and we're already talking about making it a regular event." Tai Chi For You participated in Wellbeing sessions

Holiday Extras - www.holidayextras.co.uk

Tai Chi For You participated in Holiday Extras' Wellbeing week by conducting morning tai chi sessions with their staff.