The following are testimonials written by people that attend our classes about the benefits it has brought them and about the sessions themselves:


  • Tuesday mornings with Emma at Willesborough W.I.

Emma and Andy are friendly, welcoming teachers who make the Tai Chi experience accessible and fun. I have found the sessions most helpful for balance and co-ordination.

Tony and Linda

  • Saturday mornings with Andy at The Park Club Gym Ashford
  • Stage I Beginners Workshop with Andy and Emma

“We had often thought about Tai Chi after years of watching people do it in all manner of places around the world. Attending a workshop was a great introduction to the basic principles. This particular form is particularly suited to people whose bones and muscles aren’t necessarily doing as much as they did say forty years ago. Andy and Emma are good patient teachers. No-one need feel bad if they get stuff wrong or are moving in a different direction to everyone else. Much to our surprise we did find we got the hang of it and now regularly enjoy the work out at home or wherever we find ourselves.  We attend one of their weekly classes and there is no pressure to be there every week. People’s calendars mean that there will always be times when you can’t make it. Not a problem. The sessions are fun and relaxing. Took us many years to become converts but we are glad we did."


  • Tuesday mornings with Emma at W.I. Hall Kennington 9.45 a.m
  • Wednesday evenings with Andy at Sellindge Village Hall 20.00 p.m.
  • Stage I and Stage II Beginners Workshops with Andy and Emma
  • Stage I and Stage II Fan Workshop with Emma

"I had tried various forms of exercise before, Yoga, Pilates, even an exercise bike but all were too energetic for my back problems and I was looking for something to suit my needs.

I was introduced to Tai Chi For You by a friend who had attended a few classes and she brought me along.  From the very first session I was hooked.  This was a form of exercise that I could do.   I was so pleased that I had at last found something I could do and, more importantly, enjoyed doing.

I have now been attending classes for eight months and have also attended the beginner’s workshops (two hours of intensive instruction with a break in the middle) and I have also attended two Fan workshops and will attend others as they become available.

The beauty of Tai Chi For You is that you can develop at your own pace. Emma and Andy are insistent that you work in your own comfort zone so that you gain the most benefit from the lessons which they can tailor to your individual needs; which may even mean being taught how to adjust the exercises and do them sitting in a chair.

As you become more adept at learning the steps of The Form there are always new things your instructors can teach you to develop it further.
There is so much more to Tai Chi than I ever imagined and I now use it in my everyday life as well.  For example, I was waiting in the Opticians and had backache from sitting in an uncomfortable chair so I stood up and practiced moving my weight from leg to leg as in ‘polishing the table’ but without using the arms so that I didn't look too stupid.  It relieved my backache.  Another example is walking on uneven ground i.e. at summer fetes, making sure you place the heel of your foot down first whilst transferring your weight from leg to leg.

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art but we use the training in the health benefits of Tai Chi more than the martial arts side of things.  
People from all walks of life use Tai Chi for many different reasons and I can only reiterate that it has helped me gain more confidence in my movement coupled with conventional means and methods of addressing my particular mobility problems."


  • Tuesday mornings with Emma at Willesborough W.I

Tai Chi with Andy and Emma is good fun and very enjoyable. The gentle exercise does wonders for my balance and posture.  They have lots of patience and nothing is too much trouble for them.


  • Wednesday mornings with Emma at Kennington W.I

I have found Tai Chi to be instrumental in improving my balance and concentration. The movements put no strain or stress on either muscles or bones, nonetheless I still   feel that I have had a workout after each session. Although it is a serious form of discipline and exercise it is still enjoyable and fun. It is wonderful, I love it!